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The Epoch Times First Annual International Photography Competition Results

  Jun 04, 2008


The Gold Medal Winner in the category of Natural Environment: Great Wall in the Clouds by Zhiping Zhang from the United States


NEW YORK�The review of the competition finalists' photos was recently completed by the contest jurors, and the final vote was cast. The Epoch Times revealed the results on May 29, 2008. The identities of the winning images for all categories of The Epoch Times First Annual International Photography Competition were published.

The photographers competed in the three categories: (1) Society and Customs, (2) Natural Environment and (3) Advertisements, portraits, fashion, still objects, and architecture. Da Tang Feng Network Television is the proud sponsor of this competition.

As of December 31, 2007, the competition received 13,500 entries from 61 countries around the world. The evaluation of the photos was conducted by professional photographers, photo reporters, and TV program producers from United States, New Zealand, Taiwan, Canada, and Germany. They selected 145 photographs from 27 different countries to be the contest finalists.

Because of the large number of competitors from around the world and the different languages represented, the committee faced a formidable challenge of filing and evaluating the photo entries. In mid-March, the jurors checked each and every finalist photograph to make sure the original digital format conformed to the contest requirements. This proved to be a highly time-consuming task that delayed the final results. We thank all the contestants and readers wishing to learn the competition results for their patience and understanding.

The winning photographs will shortly be published as a series on the Epoch Times Web site and in print editions, for the viewing pleasure of our readers. A selection of photographs from among the finalists will also be shown shortly at a photography exhibit in New York. The competition awards ceremony will be held at the opening ceremonies of the exhibit, where award certificates and prizes will be given. We will announce the time and location of the exhibit very soon.

We would like to thank all the contestants for their participation in this photography competition, and all our readers for your support for The Epoch Times.

The Organizing Committee of the First Epoch Times International Photography Competition

The winners are:


Grand Prize (Champion): Vacant

  • The jurors decided that there was no single photo, or even a small group of photos, that distinguished itself or themselves with the quality required for an overall winner. For this year's contest, this prize position will remain vacant.


Category A: Society and Customs

Gold Medal:


  • "Glory" by Tang Chien-Tsen from Taiwan

Silver Medals:

  • "Pleasure of Farming" by Su Zhao Liang from China
  • "Maramadi- Yoked Bulls' Race" by J Suresh from India

Bronze Medals:

  • "I Miss you Dad" by Debbie Egan-Chin from USA
  • "Traditional Mask Dance" by Holim Song from South Korea
  • "Archers on Horseback on the Prairie" by Xing Xiao Yan from China
  • "Sea Contamination Accident" by Sung Se Gum from South Korea


Category B: Natural Environment

Gold Medal:

  • "Great Wall in the Clouds" by Zhiping Zhang from USA

Silver Medals:

  • "Sunset at Lake Xie" by Hui Chun Chong from Taiwan
  • "Near the Dam" by Rafael Garcia Moreno from Spain

Bronze Medals:

  • "Wildebeest Migration" by Min Sheng Ku from Taiwan
  • "Bald Eagle Landing" by Shinnan Kiang from USA
  • "Companion" by Divyesh C. Sejpal from India
  • "Happy Family" by Mei Ju Hsu from Taiwan


Category C: Advertisements, portraits, fashion, still objects, and architecture

Gold Medal: Vacant

  • This category received many fewer entries than the other two, and overall the quality of the top photos was lower. Hence, for Category C, this position remains vacant for this year, and the other categories' winners have been limited in number.

Silver Medal:

  • "Brothers" by Nguyen Hung Vuong from Vietnam

Bronze Medal:

  • "Mum!" by Vuong Quoc Kim from Vietnam

Excellence Awards:


  • "Couple" by Seo Yang Ok from South Korea
  • "Joyful" by Mohd Nazri bin Sulaiman from Malaysia
  • "Prayer for Water" by Ashoke Kumar Ghosh from India
  • "Outing" by Jiang Zhugeng from South Korea
  • "Safe Exit" by Debbie Egan-Chin from USA
  • "One Heart, One Mind" by Tan Choon Lai from Singapore
  • "Falschspieler" by Josef Hinterleitner from Australia
  • "Focus" by Seong Gwan Hae from South Korea
  • "Playing Draughts" by Vladimir Bazan from Belarus White Russia
  • "Virginia Tech Candle Light Vigil" by Lisa Fan from USA
  • "Golden Childhood" by Happy Fu from China
  • "Lake Inle Fisherman" by Jean-Francois Mauduit from France
  • "Water Scarcity" by Asis Kumar Sanyal from India
  • "Bedouin Camel Race" by Haim Behar from Israel
  • "Harvest" by Cheng Hao Huang from Taiwan
  • "Where There Is Will" by Bo Hua Wu from Taiwan
  • "Children below a Highway" by Jurgen Kramer from Germany
  • "Spreading a Net" by Tong Ying Zhang from USA
  • "Candle Light Vigil" by Mark Zou from USA
  • "Monks" by Prashant Nadkar from India
  • "Lotus Blossom at Strawberry Festival" by Lihao from USA
  • "Attachment" by Sandipan Majumdar from India
  • "Snow Storm" by Hui Mei Chang from USA
  • "Old Story" by Kim Man Chul from South Korea
  • "Day by Day" by Seo Seung Won from South Korea
  • "Sunrise" by Happy Fu from China
  • "A Tough Life in a Beautiful World" by Chen SoonLing from Malaysia
  • "Silk Road Crossing" by Gene Wong from USA
  • "Sunset" by Jiang Zhugeng from South Korea
  • "The Morning Sun" by Son Joo Hag from South Korea
  • "The Up For Air" by Doo Young Surk from South Korea
  • "Chance" by Hong Pil Hofrom South Korea
  • "Morning of Langmu Temple" by Zhaoliang Su from China
  • "Arctic Morning Blaze" by Shinnan Kiang from USA
  • "Three Pelicans" by Wayne Wong from USA
  • "Listen to the Lotus" by Kuo Chen Chen from Taiwan
  • "Itzurun Flysch" by Luis Fco. Llavori Romatet from Spain
  • "Hunting" by Mei Ju Hsu from Taiwan
  • "Free Global Warming" by Boy Slamet from Indonesia
  • "The Race" by Divyesh C. Sejpal from India
  • "Mono Lake Frost" by Mark Zou from USA
  • "Tree" by Park yong soon from South Korea
  • "Engineering Nature" by Jialiang Gao from USA
  • "Peaceful" by Edward Dai from New Zealand
  • "Going Home" by Xuan Yu Ding from South Korea
  • "Joyful" by Mohd Nazri bin Sulaiman from Malaysia
  • "Pareidolia" by Jose Ramon Moreno Fernandez from Spain
  • "Believe" by Jonathan Zur from Israel
  • "Happiness" by Vuong Quoc Kim from Vietnam
  • "At Your Service" by Abhijit DEY by India
  • "Little Monks" by Seah Lin Hong from Singapore
  • "A Photographer" by Raul Raschetti by Sweden
  • "Take a Rest!" by Samuel Chen from Taiwan
  • "Untitled" by Keren Rubin from Israel

The following is a list of remaining winning photographers and photos in The Epoch Times First Annual International Photography Competition, the Finalists:


1 Argentina Julio R Viard; Carlo Legnazzi; Miguel Angel D′Andrea
2 Australia Sylvie Lebchek; Judy Parrott; Yong Zhi Li; Y.Y. Cheung
3 China Pei Xin Qiu
4 Colombia Carlos Julio Martinez
5 Costa Rica Gabriela Vargas T�llez
6 Czech Republic Standa Navratil; Dusan Kimmer; Petr Pol�k; Peter Dranč�k
7 Denmark Ole Yssing
8 Hong Kong Fung Kai Yan
9 Indonesia Vinay Panjwani; Sudipto Das; Kallol Sen; Ambarish Roy; Debesh Mukhopadhyay; Subir Gupta
10 Indonesia Harjono Djoyobisono
11 Israel Sarit saliman; Michael Cohen; Gilad Baram; Dan Yeger; Haim Behar; Orna Ben-shitrit
12 South Korea Kim Yong Chool; Park Young Woo; Yoo Chan Do; Kim Young Gon; Jung Yeon Kyu; GwanHea Seong
13 Malaysia Yap Wai Leong; Mohd Nazri bin Sulaiman; Kim Chong Keat
14 Mexico David Oziel Aguilar Franco
15 Romania Incze Domokos
16 Singapore Koon Siew Lee; Teng Leong; Tan Cheng Hai; Endy
17 Spain Dan Vaquerizo Molina; Ainara Uranga Repulles; Juan Carlos gomez Garcia; Marina Cano Trueba
18 Taiwan Le Chou Liu, Si En Huang, Bi Yen Chen, Ching Wei Lin, Jun Hui Lee, You De Wang, Wen Ge Liu, Patrick Lin, Gen-Yao Liu, Chia Hong Lin, Tian Hsiong Chang, Daniel Ulrich
19 USA Han Chen; Zhongsheng Hu; Ting Cai; Hengru Lin; Sheree Lin
20 Vietnam Bao Hung

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Epoch Times International Photography Competition Receives Over 10,000 Submissions

By Fang Han
Epoch Times Staff
Jan 05, 2008


Up to December 31, 2007�the last submission day for the Annual Epoch Times International Grand Photography Competition, the contest organizer received over 10,000 photos from all over the world.

The Epoch News Group announced the competition on September 13, 2007, which has three categories�Society and Traditions; Natural Environment and the third category includes Advertisements, portraits, fashion, still objects, and architecture. Each category has one first prize with a US$2,500 award, and the competition also has one overall winner with an award of US$5,000.

"Nectary" by Standa Navratil, Czech Republic. From a prior Epoch Times contest.(The Epoch Times)

The competition committee spokesperson Tina Qu said, "We received over 1,000 submissions on December 31 alone, and according to incomplete data, the committee received over 10,000 submissions in total."

"The contest attracted participants from all over the world, including some South American countries." According to Tina, the information about the contest was spread through the Epoch Times news network which includes 17 languages on the web, and 13 languages in print in over 30 countries and regions. "Surprisingly, some participants even came from countries outside our distribution area." said Tina.


Scores of Countries Represented

According to the contest organizing committee, the participants come from many countries and areas including mainland China, the United States, Canada, Britain, Germany, Romania, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Bengal, Spain, Australia, Czech Republic, France, Israel, Belgium, Russia, Moldova, Argentina, Malaysia, India, Panama, Thailand, Mexico, France, Sweden, Ukraine, Japan, Bulgaria, Suriname, Italy, Slovakia, Belarus, Denmark, Ecuador, Dominican Republic, Indonesia, Chile, Uruguay, Honduras, Hungary, Guatemala, Cuba, Algeria, Portugal,Ireland, Switzerland and others.

Tina said, the competition theme is to "accurately depict people, objects, social moments, and/or nature scenes and express a spirit of justice, kindness and/or beauty." The evaluation will be "based on traditional aesthetics and the effective use of techniques of light and shadow."

The evaluation will start soon, and the works that pass the first round of selection will be announced at the end of February. The competition committee plans to hold a photo exhibition of winner's selected works on April 2008 in New York City. The champion and winners of each category will be announced and receive their award at the opening ceremony.

The website address for the competition is http://photocompetition.epochtimes.com/ale.html

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